Small Generators For Camping

Small generators for camping. I had been looking at small generators ideal for camping for a while and prior to purchasing mine I created a list of my top 4 smallest generators. I wanted to get the best small generator that would be perfect for camping, mainly one that suited my needs as I had a large quite heavy, petrol generator that was on its way out. It was quite noisy and I therefore needed a new one, plus my misses wanted it changed.

I realized, that I am not the only person looking for a small, quiet and light generator. The days of having a bulky noisy camping generators are long gone, silent, light, sine wave generators are the way forward.

Technical Information

The sizes and technical specs for each model are shown below. A good friend of mine has a small caravan and opted for the higher kW version, mainly due to the fact that he needed to run more appliances that campers. But if you are just looking yo power a TV, kettle and baxic appliance then the 1kw or 1.2kW are better options. Although when you consider the price of the 2kW version and take into account all of the sizes and details, it sometimes pays to go for the more kW.

smallest silent suitcase camping generator
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This Denqbar Generator provides sufficient power for camping trips.
DIMENSIONS: Height; 37cm; Width; 24cm; Length; 54cm; Weight; 13kg

smallest inverter generater
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The Atima portable quiet generator is ideal for campers.
DIMENSIONS: Height; 38.6cm; Width; 25.4cm; Length; 47cm; Weight; 15kg

smallest 1kW suitcase generators
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The Evopower 1000i generator is one of the smallest, most cost effective models in the UK.
DIMENSIONS: Height; 45cm; Width; 28cm; Length; 50cm; Weight; 14kg

smallest electric and remote start generator
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The Evopower 2000Ei quiet running generator for more power camping.
DIMENSIONS: Height: 51cm: Width: 29cm: Length: 54cm: Weight: 31kg


Finding out the best small generators for camping was not an easy task as there is no fast way of finding out the specs and technical details of each generator. You can do a search and list the KW’s of each generator, but actual sizes, weight and the Db levels, you have to thoroughly research each product.
It took me a couple of days to research each product as some information was difficult to find. The Db level especially.
I do hope that this information is of use to you.
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