Wolf WP3500LR, 3200 Watt Petrol Generator

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In this Wolf WP3500LR review we take a closer look at how this generator performs. We also learn about what consumers had to say regarding the quality and durability of this product. Furthermore we will also find out how consumers rated this product. Wolf has produced a number of reliable generators in the past and the WP3500LR is no exception.

Wolf WP3500LR, 3200 Watt Petrol Generator: Product Overview and Performance Information

This Wolf generator is a big seller. This is not only due to the low price, but also the model’s reputation for reliability. This unit can provide the user with the power they need out on the open road. Either when caravanning, camping or attending an outdoor event. This particular generator is fitted with ten inch pneumatic tires. Additionally it also comes equipped with fold down handles, making it easy to transport and store.

Described by consumers as impressively powerful, this model is also fairly easy to setup and use. Featuring 2800 watts of continuous output it also offers peak power output of 3200 watts. The fuel tank can hold fifteen litres. Which comes to over ten hours of power, depending on how heavy your load is. At full power you’ll probably have around four to five hours before you need to refuel.

Fitted with drip guards the unit is mounted in a durable square steel tube frame. The alternator is heavy duty copper wound. This makes it ideal as a standby power source that you can rely on at home or work. Many consumers have stated that they use this unit out in the yard or on their work-site. As a result, this goes to show just how powerful and reliable this generator really is.

Specs for this Petrol Generator by Wolf

The specs for this generator include an engine with 6.5 HP, A powerful four stroke engine that runs on petrol, a fuel tank capacity of fifteen litres. Ten hours of running time for light loads and four to five hours of running time for heavier loads. Furthermore it has a quiet running engine plus it’s fitted with a low oil level shutdown.

Final Thoughts: What Consumers had to say about the Wolf  WP3500LR

Consumers gave this model three out of five stars for power, performance and reliability. Some consumers had complaints regarding the need to constantly refuel when powering a heavy load. But generally this is usually standard for most generators. Consumers also had complaints regarding when the model’s hoover was switched on the machine. Stating once it was switched the machine died and failed to work.

Customer support at Wolf was described as unfriendly and unhelpful. According to more recent comments this has improved. Originally it was stated that the machine was simply worn out. Keep in mind not all parts for this model are covered by the two year warranty.

Consumers also rated the model based on this generator’s durability and low pricing, however if you find yourself in need of customer support, Wolf may not be able to meet your needs. Even though this is at a low price of £269.

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What we like to do on this site is provide honest reviews. This is an average generator that I am sure will improve in time and hopefully so will customer service.

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