Wolf Power WP3500E Petrol Powered Generator Review


Wolf Power WP3500E Petrol Powered Generator Review

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This is my review of the Wolf Power WP3500E petrol powered generator.

When you consider that the Wolf brand is probably the most popular of all the power generator manufacturers. The Wolf Power WP3500E is without any doubt one of the best. Throughout this review I will point out the good points as well as any bad points. I will also explain in a little more detail the technical terminology.

Wolf Power Wp3500E Specs

The product comes with an All Terrain Wheel Kit which allows the customer to move it anywhere easily, whether it is smooth and even ground or a rough, uneven floor.

The dimensions of this generator with the All Terrain Wheel Kit fitted are 595 x 470 x 435 mm (L x W x H)


The engine is a 4 stroke, it is also designed so that it shuts down automatically when the oil level is running low. It can run for a minimum of 10 hours at 50% capacity. The product weighs 48 Kgs and is designed to produce low noise, producing 69 db.(A) at 7m. The fuel capacity of the generator is 15 litres, and it works with standard unleaded petrol oil.


The generator also comes fitted and safety measures, ensuring that the product is safe for use. The product comes with circuit breaker guards, to make sure that the system does not suffer from overload damage. The product is fitted with a voltmeter which helps by displaying the voltage output.

Furthermore its powered by an easy wolf recoil start.

The 4KVA generator can produce a maximum power output of 3,200 watts and a 2,800 watts of constant power output.

Wolf Power WP3500E Consumer Comments

This product comes highly recommended by customers. Its accompanying All Terrain Wheel Kit is a very attractive feature.

The 2 year warranty period this product is highly coveted.

The generator comes with a lot of safety measures, ensuring the safety of the consumer and the longevity of the product. The All Terrain Wheel kit makes this generator portable, it will be easy to move this generator around should you decide to relocate this product for some reason.

All Terrain means that you do not need to have a smooth and even ground for easy movement, it will work smoothly on any type of ground. The 2 year warranty period safeguards the consumers against any faulty products, while showing the trust the company has on the quality and design of the product.

This generator produces low noise, which is a highlight feature. The system is also fitted with a low level shut down feature. The product also comes at a reasonable price and delivery time is usually less.

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you would like to see more reviews like the Senci SC4000 and the Wolf Power WPG1200.



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