Wolf Power Genie WPG1200 1200w Petrol Generator Review

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In this Wolf power genie WPG1200 1200w petrol generator review we reveal about this exciting new model. First of all we find out how it performs out on the road. Then how it rates with consumers. Furthermore we also find out how it stands up to other models of Wolf generators. Consumers will also weigh in on how this generator performs. Is it worth the price tag? Also what they loved about this unit.

While small, it’s still powerful enough to use as a source for standby power. It can be used for a period of six to eight hours for light loads. Also up to five hours for heavier power loads. Read on to see what consumers had to say about this product and find out if it’s true value for money.

Wolf Power Genie WPG1200 1200w Petrol Generator Review: Stability and Power

The Wolf power genie generator is described as both reliable and stable. Because it offers a constant flow of power whenever and wherever it’s needed. The technology packed into this model produces a constant flow of power and frequency stability at -1%. The stability of the voltage for this generator is said to top all other Wolf generators.  and it’s perfect for supplying power to even the most sensitive electronics.

Specs and Performance for the Wolf Power Genie Generator: Standout Features

This product also has a reputation for being a low noise generator. Especially when compared to larger models. Lightweight, this unit is very portable and storing it is also fairly easy. Equipped with Econo switch technology. This generator is able to idle even when there is no power being drawn. Making it considerably more economical than generators of the past.

This unit is also fitted with a power overload cut off switch. In order to prevent power overloads to sensitive appliances and electronics. It also comes with twelve-volt battery charging facilities. Therefore making it great for caravanning, outdoor events, and camping.

It can also be used as a stable low watt standby power source. Other specs include a max output of 800 watts, a recoil starter, 2.6 HP, four stroke engine. As well as a low oil shutdown, low noise emission, a 2.1-litre petrol tank. Furthermore it weighs in at a little over 9 KG.

Consumers Weigh in on this Petrol Generator by Wolf: Common Complaints and Reasons to Buy

Consumers gave this model a rating of four out of five stars for its durability, power, and reliability. Most reviews for this product were highly positive. The only common complaint involving the fact that this unit doesn’t come with oil, which is standard for all generators.

Most consumers enjoyed this powerfully small generator because it’s lightweight and compact. Making it the ideal unit to take on camping trips or even out on the boat. Consumers also took the model’s pricing into account. This is described as reasonable and fair. Currently, this Wolf generator has a price tag of £169.95.

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