Senci Generator Silent Inverter Camping Generator


Senci Generator Silent Inverter Camping Generator

Senci generator fitted with Yamaha engine. Perfect for camping. It's silent 2kw engine with inverter technology.


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Senci generator – SC2000i inverter petrol generator with Yamaha engine.

As a whole in online stores, you will find generators. But nothing that will compete with the Senci inverter generator. According to my research, it is one of the most reliable. Especially for camping and caravan enthusiasts. According to market research these are currently one of the best available in the market.

When we take a look at Yamaha, they are the modern day giants in the technological industry. The same goes with their engines. Yamaha is also well known as the a leading manufacturer of quality, yet efficient engines. Together with Senci’s design and technology I am proud to perform this positive review.

Senci Generator – Performance and Specs

Product Performance and Highlights.


Reliability will always be key. But, researching each product is equally vital. As a result of my research I can recommend the Senci generator. This machine will produce a maximum power output of 2kw with a noise rating as low as 50dba.

This makes this one of the quietest petrol generators available. With such a reliable engine, this little beast is bound to perform. Senci generators also have a low oil level indicator. This helps to protect the engine and maintain optimum performance.


What I liked most was the Senci generator has an in-built thermal generator. Protection against the generator from being overloaded. Also fitted with a chock knob making it easier to start in cold conditions. A good friend of mine has one of these and he is very impressed with the output, power. reliability and performance.

Senci generator silent inverter petrol generator

Senci Inverter Silent Generator

We had a brief chat about this generator. On the whole he said that it was perfect for his needs. The 3 in 1 indicator was an excellent function. Saves him time and keeps his machine protected.

The run time stated 6 hours @ 50% load is pretty accurate.

Protecting the carburetor from contamination is vital. Really speaking you want the machine to last as long as possible. Anything that prolongs its life is good.

Blocked or faulty carburetors will affect the performance. With the fuel petcock contamination is prevented.


After all warranty is vital, gives a person peace of mind that your covered. I realise that warranty on any machine always appeared to be an issue. However, with a 2 year warranty it gives me a little bit more peace of mind. If anything does go wrong I can get it fixed.

Senci Generator – Stand Out Features

Noise Reduction and Quality

Overall this has to be one of the quietest generators on the market. With a lot of generators that are packed with special features the noise level can be somewhat high. This is what is called a super quiet model running at between 50dba and 65dba, it has an in-built noise reduction system.

For computer and other electrical devices that require constant power the Senci generator has it all. It delivers reliable power without interruptions.

The auto throttle function allows speed to be varied. Thus giving different appliances their required outage. It’s lightweight and can be operated in any condition.

What Consumers had to say

Because of the low kw I would not expect this to power a house and many of the negatives comments stated this. It will however supply sufficient power to small equipment and devices such as TV, computer and small items.

If my friend says that this is ideal for his needs then thats good enough for me.

It has all the latest features and received quite a high rating from consumers. The best price I have found available st the moment is £529.99.

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