Parker Petrol Generator 2.8kVa 6.5HP

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With this review of the 2.8kVA Parker petrol generator, we look at how this particular model performs. We look at the specs and the cost. We also take into account the consumer comments and any questions that have been asked for this model. Parker generators do tend to have quite a good reputation for being reliable. At the time of writing this review the price of the Parker 2.8kVa petrol generator is very low.  Around £190 a saving of £380 on list price and comes with free UK delivery.

2.8kVa Parker Petrol Generator Review: Specs and Performance

One of the benefits of using this generator is that it is fitted with copper motor coils. This is instead of the aluminium coils fitted to a lot of other petrol generators. With a copper coil you get a more reliable and consistent power output.

Parker generators also have 110-volt, 230-volt AC and a 12-volt DC which is controlled by an internal automatic voltage regulator (AVC). This makes sure that power spikes are greatly reduced as the voltage output is smooth. Irregular power output can in the end cause damage to your generator.

The open framework provides the Parker generator 196cc, 4 stroke, 6.5HP air cooled engine with ample cooling area. It also makes the generator easier to lift and move anywhere you want. The weight is roughly 40kg. Therefore to save on any muscle strains it does pay to have 2 people to lift it. It is very compact and with a noise output of 96db. Making this an ideal piece of equipment for anyone that love camping or owns a caravan.

The power output is something else, with 2.8kVa / 2.8kW you will find that you can power any household appliance or equipment you have in your caravan. An example of this is a normal fridge will use between 300-500 watts. Therefore the Parker petrol generator would power between 5-9 fridges at one time.

The fuel tank will hold 15 Litres of fuel and the oil grade is SAE30 and a low level oil cut off is fitted. The overall dimensions are 59 x 46 x 49.

What The Consumers Say about the Parker Petrol Generator 2.8kVa 6.5HP

From the 25 reviews left for this generator the overall rating is 4 out of 5. After reading through a few of these, here are what I consider to be the good and the bad points.

Quite a few of the people that have bought this say that it is very simple to get going, just fill up with oil, petrol and you are ready to go. At the first start-up it does take a couple of pulls, this is probably the case with newest equipment. The oil needs to circulate, it is better to prime the engine first, before starting to avoid dry starting. But once you have got past the initial start-up, after that it will start easily, sometimes first pull, depending on how long a machine is down.

Although quite a few people mentioned that the instructions that come with this generator are a bit vague, the machine itself is pretty straight forward and would not take long to work out without the instructions.

There is one other thing that I should mention, although the overall weight is 43kg and I do recommend 2 people needed to move this Parker petrol generator around, if you do want to do this on your own you can always purchase a set of wheels to go with this, they are around £30.

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