Hyundai HY2000Si Leisure Inverter Petrol Generator

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In this Hyundai HY2000Si Leisure inverter petrol generator review, We’ll take a look at the specs this model has to offer. Also the standout features that make this generator a best seller and we’ll also find out what consumers comments.  Furthermore we reveal out how this model rated and the current price.

Hyundai HY2000SI Leisure Inverter Generator Review: Standout Features

The Hyundai leisure generator is considered a top selling mid range unit. Featuring a continuous output of 2.0K. It’s the ideal portable model for motor homes, camping, boats, and caravans. Almost anywhere else you might need reliable and clean power.

This model’s maximum output is 2200W. Giving you enough juice to power a portable heater, microwave, fridge and more. When the load is small or  when you need to power a lighting system or battery charger. Then this model will suffice. It features the popular ECO throttle system, lowering the engine revs to just over one tick.

This in turn will work to significantly lower the noise level while also helping with the fuel consumption. Most of all the smart petrol generator is so easy on noise and the environment. Making it ideal when you need a reliable portable model that can also save you money.

The Hyundai Generator Performance

A lightweight model, this unit offers up to nine hours of run time. Recently, the manufacturer improved their generator line, making these models sleeker. Also making improvements to the fuel system. Packed with the latest technology, the model’s AC output is said to be one of the best on the market. Furthermore the sine wave allows for a direct connection for a number of appliances and electronic equipment.

The reliability and general smooth performance of this model is what makes it standout from the competition. In addition to the features it offers and the two year warranty.

This Hyundai generator provides enough power for your motor home. However, some consumers complained that under heavier loads. This generator was only able to operate for a period of six hours. With a light load and a full tank, the generator can operate for eight to nine hours.

This generator is also available in a remote electric start model. The manufacturer offers a full back up service on all models and a two year full warranty. Extras included are, a storage bag, bottles of oil, storage tent, service kit and LPG conversion kit.

What Consumers had to Say about the Hyundai HY2000Si Leisure Inverter Generator

Consumers gave this model a four out of five star rating for performance, reliability, power and price. If you have a number of appliances you need to run be prepared to fuel up after at least six to eight hours.  Ideal for any on the road adventure, with their reputation for quality this Hyundai generator is one model you shouldn’t pass up.  Currently this generator is going for a price of £489.95.

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