Evopower EV020i Suitcase Inverter Generator Review


Evopower EV020i Suitcase Inverter Generator Review

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The Evopower EV020i Suitcase Inverter Generator review. There were days when inverters used to be huge. However, technology has since taken over, therefore huge inverters are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays  people are preferring to choose small inverter suitcase type generators instead of more bulky generators.

Generators similar to the Evopower EV020i Suitcase inverter generator are now the new trend. Throughout this review I hope to prove to you that inverter generators are becoming a popular choice of generators.

Now that we have touched upon the popularity of inverter generators, its time that we took a look into the Evopower EV020i suitcase inverter generator. We will take a brief look at the technical specifications, price comparison and all relevant details.

Evopower EV020i Suitcase Inverter Generator Specifications:

Talking about the specifications of the inverter, it is a compact yet cost effective inverter. It comes with a tiny LCD display that displays useful information like voltage, frequency and hour count. The weight of the Evopower is just 20kgs.


Apart from the weight, the inverter is powered by an Evopower 100cc 4-stroke OHV engine under the hood. The inverter also offers a user friendly setup and make sure that your electronic devices are not getting damaged by the Evopower inverter.


However, the main highlight of the inverter is that it is super compact you can easily carry or transport the inverter to anywhere. You can use this inverter to power up a family picnic or charge up your laptop, television, small air conditioner and so on.


The Evopower EV020i suitcase inverter generator is well designed, its easy to carry around with the displays and controls all on one side of the generator. The fan is at the front.

Now after reviewing various sites here are some of the pro and cons.

Evopower EVo20i suitcase inverter generator Pros:
• The inverter comes with a compact design. That makes transporting the inverter super easy. You can easily carry it anywhere without struggling much.
• The Evopower EVO20i 2kW 2000w 230v inverter is easy to use. You do not have to be a technical person to understand how to use the inverter.

Evopower EV020i suitcase inverter generator Cons:
• It will not be a good option if you are planning to satisfy a huge need of power.
• You have to maintain it from time to time.

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