Clarke IG1000 1kw Low Noise Inverter Petrol Generator

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In this Clarke IG1000 1kw petrol generator review we’ll discuss the power capabilities of this unit. Furthermore we learn what consumers had to say regarding the reliability of this generator. We also find out how they rated it and we’ll also take a look at the included standout features.

Please bear in mind that this portable unit is not intended for larger jobs. It’s designed mainly to power smaller appliances such as electric skillets, laptops or TVs. For generators that have enough strength to power your entire home, or a unit you can use on the job. You will need to look elsewhere.

Clarke IG1000 1kw Low Noise Inverter Generator Review: What this Model has to Offer

A portable, low noise and lightweight generator, this model also features the technology referred to as pure sine wave. Great for providing the whole family with a reliable energy source when on a camping trip or travelling across country.

Sine wave technology means that you’ll be using a generator that provides stable and clean energy. This is crucial when you’re powering expensive electronic equipment such as laptops or cell phones. The stylish case not only helps with portability and storage but it also works to reduce noise. Allowing for a smooth and quiet family outing. This environmentally friendly, quiet running generator is one of Clarke’s best selling models. In addition the consumer can feel good about purchasing a clean running generator.

Specs and Performance for this Clarke IG1000 Petrol Generator

The specs for this Clarke generator include 100 watts max. A four stroke engine that runs on petrol and it also features the ECO throttle system. Therefore the fuel consumption will be kept at a minimum. This unit also offers cut out protection systems for circuit overload. The model’s 2.7 litre petrol tank will provide you between three to eight hours of operation. Depending on your load. Other specs for this model include: a 12 V 8.3AMP,DC output designed to charge twelve volt batteries. A noise level of 64 DB and a weight of just over 15 KG. Purchase of this generator also includes a twelve month warranty.

 What Consumers had to Say about this Petrol Portable Generator by Clarke

Ideal for family outings, outdoor events and camping, this generator is highly portable, easy to use and can be setup in minutes. Consumers loved it for its reliability and ease of use, giving it a rating for four out of five stars. Some consumers complained regarding the minimal operating time each tank provided. However this highly depends on the amount of appliances you’re powering at one time. Consumers also stated that the customer support at Clarke was fast to respond, helpful and friendly. Especially when it came to part replacement for the unit or questions regarding the twelve month warranty.

While this generator works great for trips and family outings,camping trips. It’s not recommended for larger jobs such as powering industrial strength equipment, or powering an entire home during a power outage. Currently this unit is priced at £306.07.

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