CLARKE G1200 4 Stroke Petrol Generator Review


CLARKE G1200 4 Stroke Petrol Generator Review

Price: £229

Clarke G1200 4 stroke petrol generator review. Discover the facts and technical data on one of the best petrol generators on the market.


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The Clarke G1200 4 stroke petrol generator is one of the most reliable and durable generators available. With a 13 amp output, the CLARKE G1200 4 Stroke Petrol Generator offers a 12 and 230 volt output which runs for up to about 8 hours. This air cooled petrol engine serves a 1000 W power output which is ideally designed for your caravanning, boating, camping and even emergency purposes at home.

It is powerful and easily portable. It also comes with a circuit breaker that makes it so much more convenient to manage, especially by preventing the risk of any electrical overload and your other appliances from getting damaged. They are highly reliable devices which offer the best in the business and perform to its optimum usage, providing adequate value for money.

Fulfil your energy needs with the compact and sturdy petrol generator.

CLARKE G1200 4 stroke Petrol Generator 13 amp Output

CLARKE is the up and coming brand in the power generation industry of today. It is one of the most highly used brands, giving a stiff competition to others. The CLARKE G1200 ensures ease of management as it quietly runs at 68dBA at 7m (1/4 load) and also has an easy coil restart option.

The noise reduction feature makes it one of the least noisy generators available in the market, in contrast to its highly powerful usage. This generator proves as the perfect alternative to your electrical needs and provides maximum support for the longest time. It also comes with a low power alert, not a common feature found in many generators.

This makes it easy for you to recharge as and when required and provides full satisfaction at all times. A 3 in 1 indicator refurbished with a low oil level alarm and adjustment knobs makes it easier to shift between levels, and optimise usage.

Clarke G1200 4 stroke petrol generator warranty

The best part about this generator has to be the warranty that it comes with. The 2 year warranty makes the generator available for repairing at any moment, displaying the company’s craftsmanship and professionalism. It really serves as a handy addition in the house or elsewhere, and fulfils power needs for adventure sports or regular usage at home.

Clarke G1200 Stand out features and Customer Reviews

The CLARKE G1200 4 Stroke Petrol Generator 13 amp output is a power packed device, providing an ample amount of supply to your most needed appliances. What makes this device even more convenient is the fact that it runs for long hours, without the scope of any interruptions.

This generator serves the rescue in cases of any power cuts. Moreover, it is lightweight and can be operated in almost any condition. It also comes with an auto throttle option, helping you to vary the speed of the engine as per your requirement. The Clarke G1200 is of a superior quality and comes with all day-to-day features at a standardised price online. This generator saves you time and worry and acts as the perfect electrical agent.

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