Backup Generator: Excellent Way to Protect Your Assets

Portable or fixed backup generator

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Having a backup generator, whether portable or fixed is important.

Most people don’t realize how important it is to have a backup generator. That is because your main power is more often on than not. However, a power failure or power cut can occur at any time.

These occurrences may only last for just a few minutes. But in some cases – utility grid maintenance and power line repairs can last for hours. Not ideal if you are running a business or just fancy a lazy day in front of the TV.

If there is planned maintenance your supply company will generally let you know in advance. Then you can make other arrangements. On the other hand if accidental damage has been done to the supply line. Or the grid goes down, then the power cut will be instant. Which can be a problem.

Backup Generator – Portable or Fixed Generators

For your home or business there are two main types of backup generators. Portable backup generators or fixed permanently installed backup generators. They are both designed to give you the power that you need during a power supply failure. Depending on the amount of power you need.

Portable Generators

Portable generators are not only the most economical type for backup power, they are also the cheapest way compared to a fixed unit. Furthermore portable generators are usually used for the home or small businesses and they are easily stored. They are either diesel or petrol run, although both versions have their good and bad points.

Diesel generators are more fuel efficient, generally have a longer life span and are low maintenance. Whereas to start these in the winter months is quite hard. Overall I think that the petrol versions do provide better value for money.

A portable generators main advantage is it can be taken anywhere with you. Perfect if you like camping or caravanning then they are ideal for powering your appliances.

Fixed Generators

Fixed or permanently installed backup generators are normally activated within a couple of seconds. Once your power supply either cuts out or any disruption with your supply. These systems are normally wired up to your homes electrical supply system.

An automatic transfer switch of the generator unit will be activated as soon as it detects a power failure or power disruption. It will also detect when your normal power supply returns. Power supply for these fixed generators is normally natural gas or propane gas.

Power Output

Generators, whether portable or fixed come in a variety of shapes and sizes, therefore you do have plenty of options. Working out how much power you need. Then choosing the version that best suits your needs is the difficult part. There are some important factors that you need to consider.

Work out what you need to run as your basic needs. Then make sure you look at the capabilities of the generator. The fuel availability, noise level, efficiency and the price. All need to be taken into account.


Backup generators do help you to protect your assets. Having a backup generator is not only important; it is essential. Especially those who run a business and don’t want to lose money due to a power failure.

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