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In this Hyundai HY1000Si KVA pure sine wave inverter petrol generator review. First of all we take a look at how this unit stands up to other models of generators produced by Hyundai. We also take what consumers had to say regarding their experiences with this unit and how it rated.

Hyundai HY1000SI Petrol Generator Review: Performance and Product Highlights

This model is very lightweight and portable. Perfect for the user who’s on the road and in need to power a variety of small electrical appliances. This unit is great for outdoor events, camping and road trips.

Described as sleek it comes with a compact case, making it highly portable. Hyundai generators have a reputation for being quiet. The muffler and exhaust are designed for minimal noise and a cleaner power output.

This generator offers excellent fuel efficiency with its four stroke HX53 engine. Suitable for every need when you’re far from home. The motor offers 1.4HP. Other, bigger models run for an average of six to eight hours. This generator has a run time of four hours when at fifty percent load.

Standout Features for this Hyundai Hy1000Si Petrol Generator

Standout features of this unit include the circuit breaker system with low oil indicator. The overload protection and included vehicle battery charge cables. Also included is a two year limited warranty for parts only.

This generator is currently the smallest that Hyundai has to offer. Ideal for caravanning or camping. At only 13 KG, this model has a small portable lightweight frame. Making it one of the top selling smaller portable generators on the market. Furthermore, the price is quite low.

It provides ample power for basic needs. It runs at an incredibly low noise and offers a 100 W maximum output. Making it a popular choice when it comes to leisure generators.

Just like many of the generators produced by Hyundai, this model also comes with the ECO throttle system. The ECO throttle system helps to keep both the noise and fuel levels to a minimum. This feature allows the user to get anywhere from four to six hours of use on just over 2.5 litres of fuel.

Size of your load will reduce run time. This is a huge bonus when you consider that it will be primarily for leisure. The improved system makes this one of the most environmentally friendly models produced.

Final Thoughts: What Consumers had to Say about this Unit by Hyundai

Not intended to power a whole home, this generator is designed to supply power to small appliances. Use it to charge a small TV, laptop or coffeemaker.

Consumers had no complaints regarding power overload or performance issues. Its pure sine wave output works to ensure that only a clean wave of power is produced. This protects any expensive and sensitive equipment from power overload. Consumers gave this model a five out of five star rating, making this our top rated generator. Currently it’s priced at just £410.83.

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